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Whilst the victim of bullying is the most obvious person in need of help, often the ‘bullies’ themselves also need some form of help.
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Bullying Is Harmful - Do You Need Help
Bullying is a particularly destructive and harmful form of aggression that can affect children, young people and adults. Bullying is most commonly associated with schoolyard settings, and is therefore often underestimated by adults. It can also be hard to detect. Bullying can be insidious and have far reaching effects on children and young people, so if you suspect someone is being bullied, it's important to act.
The signs and symptoms of bullying can vary greatly. Common indicators include:
  • Poor concentration
  • Poor grades
  • Poor self esteem
  • Poor peer relationships
  • Poor attendance at school or work
  • Social isolation
  • Often being unwell, with colds, nausea, fatigue or muscle soreness
  • Disturbed sleep
  • Mood changes including depression, angry outbursts, irritability
  • Loss of enjoyment in pleasurable activities such as sport, dancing or music
  • General anxiety
  • Expressions of self-loathing
  • Self-harming behaviours (such as binge drinking, early sexual encounters, drug taking, cutting).
Whilst the victim of bullying is the most obvious person in need of help, often the 'bullies' themselves also need some form of help. In many cases, professional Counselling. can help greatly.
Dealing with bullying
In the case of a child being bullied at school, it's critical that parents find out about the school's policies related to bullying, as this can provide constructive ways to help address the issues. In a work setting where adults are experiencing bullying, sometimes the workplace has processes in place to help deal with it. Children, young people and adults may also be bullied in other social settings outside of school or work.
In some cases the solutions offered at a base level (e.g. school or work) may not prove effective for all those involved (be it victims, bullies or bystanders). Unfortunately our culture and social settings often dismiss bullying too lightly. Children may be told to 'learn to stand up for yourself'. But how are our children supposed to learn these skills effectively? Who can give them the tools to cope and deal with bullying? And what harmful effects may be building up that parents cannot see or deal with?
Likewise, adults may be advised to 'Ignore it, that's just the way he/she is'. But it's not always that simple, and some outside help is really required.
Counselling Can Help
Counselling can be a very effective way for children, young people, their parents, and other adults to explore and deal with the issues around bullying. Again, this can be helpful not just for victims, but also for bullies and for bystanders.
Vitalchi offers confidential, professional and caring Counselling. services to help you address bullying behaviour and its impacts. We work with individuals, families, children and adults who may be affected by bullying in all sorts of situations. Please feel free to contact us. if you would to find out more or make an appointment.
If you or a family member are affected by bullying, we encourage you to do something about it. Contacting our professional counsellors is a great first step. You can make an appointment online, email us, or phone us on (03) 9894-0014. Our clinic in Blackburn, Melbourne, is open six days a week.