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Here at Vitalchi we are dedicated to providing you the upmost professional & scientifically proven natural therapy and medicines available; Here are some insights and discussions in natural medical science from modern sciences and proven healing techniques.

3. Refined vegetable oils

Posted - Friday, January 08, 2010

Polyunsaturated vegetable oils are highly unstable at high heats and easily damaged and subject to rancidity producing huge amounts of free radicals. The refining process also strips them of their natural antioxidants including vitamin E which in turn depletes your body of valuble antioxidants when you eat them. Text

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2. Breakfast cereals

Posted - Wednesday, January 06, 2010

These highly refined, full of hidden sugar cereals are in my opinion one of the worst supermarket foods.  Text

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The top 10 Unhealthiest foods in your supermarket

Posted - Sunday, January 03, 2010
Number One Margarine Text
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Why Is Family Important To Me? By Carol Goddard

Posted - Tuesday, December 22, 2009
My family are my biggest teachers. My family are the ones who get to see me in my ‘raw’ state. They are the ones who get to see me even when I don’t like what is happening, or when I feel my self resisting something, my family are the ones who are best positioned for me to learn from. Our families are the ones that can usually see through masks we put up, and they are the ones that can push our buttons more than anyone else. So they offer us an amazing opportunity to grow and learn about ourselves. Why do things ‘bug’ us in the family unit? What is the reason for it? If you focus on the problem you can spend years getting upset and caught up in the drama, all it does is lead to further frustration and anger. If you stop and look at the patters, you may just have a learning experience. We can change the questions that we ask ourselves from: Why is this person doing this to me? To: What can I learn from this experience? This is where we can move beyond playing out the childhood belief structures and set ups and interact with each other as adults. I am learning to follow my heart rather than my head. What does that mean? Follow the inner knowing that comes from deep within. Sometimes as I tune into the deep knowing, my old belief patters start to scream out in an effort to stop me from following my heart. That’s when I can step back and look and see what is going on and realize that this is another opportunity for me to learn. Then it is about integrating the learning into my life so that the next interaction I have is from an expanded space. For me this is the way, and it saves me recreating the same scenario over and over again, sound familiar? This way I get to work it out, integrate it and then open myself for my next learning. What fun! For me this is the playground where I get to expand and remind myself that if nothing changes then nothing changes……. I get to learn about me from the people that come into my life. And I get to experience love and gratitude for each experience along the way.
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Tired of counting sheep?

Posted - Wednesday, December 09, 2009
Is lack of sleep giving you bags under your eyes? Are you so sleep-deprived that the only way you can get through the morning is by drinking a triple espresso? Not being able to sleep affects everyone at some point in their life and about 10% of the population suffer from insomnia that continues for six months or more. Many experts recommend that we get between seven and nine hours of sleep per night and whilst it is important to make sure that we get enough sleep, it is equally important that we get good quality sleep. The body needs rest, the brain needs sleep… Sleep is necessary to help our brain recover and recuperate from the day’s activities. We have different cycles of sleep to achieve this. These cycles are known as Rapid Eye Movement(REM) and non-REM (slow wave) sleep, and they are meant to occur in a specific order and for the right amount of time. If you are not getting enough sleep, or your sleep cycles are disturbed, then your brain is not getting enough time to rejuvenate and ‘reset’, and you are more likely to suffer some of the following: • Poor concentration • Poor memory • Clumsiness/carelessness • Low mood • Irritability • Fatigue So what keeps us tossing and turning all night? Whilst there are many reasons for sleep disturbances, stress is the most common trigger. Researchers have found that there is often an increase in stress hormones (such as cortisol) in people who have sleeping problems. So if it takes you a while to nod off, or if you frequently wake during the night and cannot fall back to sleep, then it is essential to address your stress levels. Tips for a better night’s sleep… • Get regular exercise (avoid exercising two hours before bed) • Eliminate stimulants such as caffeine and sugar (even reducing them during the day may help) • Try to go to bed around the same time each night • Create a dark sleeping environment • Limit alcohol consumption • Use the bed and bedroom only for sleep and intimacy with your partner • If you can’t sleep, try not to focus too hard on getting to sleep as this creates stress and can perpetuate the situation.
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“Are ADHD Drugs safe For Our Children?”

Posted - Tuesday, October 20, 2009
Recent findings into the prescription medication used to treat conditions like ADHD are prompting serious medical concerns amongst medical experts, reports The Daily Telegraph. Of course as natural therapists we have long had concerns about these drugs that have had very little studies done on the potential and deadly side effects that these drugs can have. Leading Australian Child psychiatrist Dr Jon Jureidini, head of psychiatry at Adelaide's Women's and Children's Hospital, says he is worried by new figures showing an increase in psychotic episodes among children taking the medications. Dr Jureidini says it is questionable whether prescription drugs do much good for conditions such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and little research has been done on their possible side-effects. "Children's behaviour problems are generally a reaction to something that's happening inside them or outside them and I can almost always find a better explanation for what's going on than calling it ADHD, so the idea of whether to use drugs rarely arises," he said. "We doctors need to be much more cautious about prescribing them; we also need to be much more careful in our assessment of children with behavioural problems." Here at Vitalchi Dr Jureidini comments come as a fresh breath of sanity! Of course children suffering behavioural issues have something going on for them. There are many factors that can contribute to behavioural problems in children. Including: • Food Sensitivities and Allergies • Chemical sensitivities • Emotional issues at home or at school • Undiagnosed hearing problems or sight problems • Undiagnosed learning difficulties • Poor brain integration • Nutritional deficiencies • Candida infections • Just to name a few These drugs have been causing children as young as five to attempt suicide. The number of serious reactions to ADHD drugs has doubled in three years, now up to 827. But the true extent of the side effects is unknown, with many doctors and parents under-reporting the impact, experts said. I don’t have children, and I’m sure that at times children can become relentless and maddening even to the calmest of parents. But as a naturopath who works a lot with these kids, there is always a cause and always and answer, and for the sake of your child’s physical and emotional wellbeing getting to the root cause of the problem makes logical sense.
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Time to Detox

Posted - Tuesday, September 15, 2009
Staying Healthy in a Toxic World In our busy modern world, toxins are commonly encountered. Environmental toxins include things like heavy metals, pesticides, chemicals, food additives, drugs and pollutants, which are present in the air, water and food that we consume. Toxins do not only come from your external environment, they can also be generated internally by “unfriendly” bacteria, yeasts and parasites in your digestive systems. Your body is an amazing machine which can eliminate all these toxins through many different pathways; however, excess toxic exposure can overburden this machine. If you are not feeling 100%, a detoxification program will help to reduce this toxic load from your body and put a spring back into your step. Ask us today about a safe and effective detoxification program which will help to remove the toxic load from your body. It’s Time for a Spring Clean! A natural detoxification program can be one of the most effective ways to rapidly improve the state of your health, as it will help clear toxins out of your body and leave you feeling healthy and energetic. However, detoxification is serious business and your safety and comfort during the process is important. Therefore, the best detox is a program done under the guidance and support of a qualified healthcare practitioner. Come in today and talk to us about the best detoxification program to suit your individual needs. The Three Step Spring Clean A good detox program should involve three major steps. First, you need to remove the “bad” bugs from your digestive system; and then replace the “bad” bugs with new “good” bugs (out with the old and in with the new). Finally, you need to support and enhance your liver’s and kidneys’ capacity to remove waste from your body. Dietary Tips During your detox, it is really important to eat a healthy well balanced diet. Ask us today about the best diet for your individual requirements to ensure you are eating the right foods for your body in order to maximise the detoxification process. There are some simple diet changes you can make today to help reduce your level of toxicity: • Always look for fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables. You may be able to get some great buys at the local growers markets or the nearby fruit shop. It is always preferable to buy organic produce when you can. • Remember to avoid packaged and processed foods as much as possible. • It is important to eliminate foods containing artificial colours, flavours, additives and flavour enhancers, as well as foods containing hydrogenated fats. This information is usually contained in the ingredients list on the food label. • Read the ingredients list to ensure that the food does not contain high amounts of saturated fat, gluten and sugar. Sugar can be in the form of glucose, sucrose, fructose, corn syrup, maltodextrin, dextrose, malt syrup, molasses, maltose, lactose or honey. • Fresh vegetable juice makes a great addition to a healthy diet. If you own a juicer, try juicing carrots, apples, ginger, fresh beetroot, celery and lemons. Guess what... All Vitalchi practitioners are doing a 2 week spring detox, because we believe in practicing what we preach! Ask any of us how we are going!
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Coping with Misacarriage

Posted - Wednesday, July 08, 2009
The natural solution  Text
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pregnancy at 12 weeks

Posted - Monday, June 29, 2009
I’ve been slack and let 4 weeks slip between updates! So sorry about that. From week 8 - week 10 I started experiencing afternoon nausea that would kick in at 5pm and last until 7pm. I found I was turned off steamed vegetables of all things! The thought of eating broccoli turned my stomach. Now being a naturopath that is a bit of a worry, what do you do? Do I make myself eat something that my intuition tells me not to eat; when I know I need to eat vegetables? I decided to follow my intuition and I stopped my vegetable intake and increased my fruit intake, as at the time I was craving fruit. I still ate a healthy and balanced diet, and tried to get vegetables through fresh juices instead. At week 10 the nausea stopped and I found my aversion to vegetables decreased. I ordered the Book "The Gentle Birthing Method", by Dr. Gowrie Motha, which is the birthing program that I am following. If you are an expecting mother and you want to decrease your labour time, reduce the rates of tearing and prevent post nasal depression then I highly recommend this book to anyone. I am now following this program strictly with diet - which is a basic naturopathic diet, avoiding wheat, gluten, dairy, sugar, coffee, caffeine etc. Drinking plenty of water, gentle exercise, yoga positions, supplements and herbs as well as a tissue salt routine to prevent stretch marks and tearing. The program also has weekly treatment suggestions like Reflexology, Bowen therapy, Kinesiology, Acupuncture, Osteopathy. At week 11 I was nausea free and feeling fantastic. I started exercising a little harder. Week 12 I have some spotting of old rusty blood, the first day this didn’t concern me. Day 2 I had more spotting so I rang my doctor who suggested I come in for blood tests. He took another HCG (growth hormone) which showed my pregnancy hormones were in the normal range. I did another blood test Saturday to compare the reading (we are looking for a sudden drop in hormone levels that may indicate miscarriage) the levels had dropped, but for week 12 of the pregnancy this is normal as HCG levels drop and then level out. So that was a bit inconclusive. So it is off for an ultrasound tomorrow to confirm what is happening. In the mean time I have prescribed myself herbs, which has reduced the bleeding and tomorrow I will also see my acupuncturist. At this time I'm not too concerned, it not uncommon to spot old blood in the first trimester especially as I am small and I expect my uterus is stretching quickly. However I am sure the ultrasound will confirm things one way or the other. Stay tuned for another update next week, and hopefully I have good news that Bub is ok.
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Diary of a Pregnant woman - Week 8

Posted - Thursday, May 28, 2009
So it’s week 8 of my pregnancy and my first diary entry! I thought people may find it useful to read how a naturopath approached being pregnant! So it all began as a honeymoon baby in Fiji. We use the Billings method for contraception (a method that relies on you knowing exactly when you ovulate) and we have used this method successfully for years with no mishaps or problems. Then after the wedding and lots of work in the clinic the stress changed my ovulation day and hence honeymoon baby - needless to say we were a bit shocked. We have decided to home birth, and do the pregnancy as natural as possible. Diet All organic, high in protein (I don’t eat red meat) so I am eating plenty of fresh fish (not tuna as it contains Mercury) and organic chicken. Heaps of fresh fruits and vegetables. No gluten, coffee, caffeine, chocolate, soft cheeses, alcohol or dairy. Supplementation Iron 40mg per day Vitamin C 1 gram 2 x day Calcium 400mg at night Zinc 15mg at night Natal multi with folic acid 800mg day Co-enzyme Q10 100mg daily Fish oil high in EPA 400mg EPA per capsule 2 x 2 a day Exercise Yoga 3 x week Walking 3 x week Symptoms experienced Insomnia Very mild 1pm nausea Treatments Acupuncture for wellbeing and insomnia weekly Osteopathy fortnightly to correct sacrum and coccyx bone to aid in better delivery and reduce discomfort during pregnancy Nutritional supplementation to enhance nutritional status and improve required nutrients for developing baby Blood tests All normal routine blood tests. Low iron levels were detected even though I have been on an iron supplement for 12 weeks. This explains the insomnia, as in Chinese Medicine I am blood deficient which will lead to poor sleep. Double my iron intake and added tissue salt I.P (improves micro absorption of iron) and within days my sleep has improved 90%. Baby Is now the size of a raspberry, the embryonic tail is gone, and all organs, muscles, and nerves are beginning to function. The hands now bend at the wrist, and the feet begin to lose their webbed appearance. Eyelids are beginning to cover the eyes. The embryo is now called a foetus.
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