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Here at Vitalchi we are dedicated to providing you the upmost professional & scientifically proven natural therapy and medicines available; Here are some insights and discussions in natural medical science from modern sciences and proven healing techniques.

Imagine being able to prevent disease before it happens?

- Thursday, October 16, 2008
What if your practitioner was invested in getting you healthy and keeping you that way, and if you did get sick we would treat you for FREE! This can be a reality by committing to the Wellness Care Program NOW! Vitalchi Wellness Sanctuary is introducing our Wellness Care Program which is designed to get you healthy and keep you that way. Rather than treating you just when you are ill, Wellness Programs are designed to get you to a state of health and then maintain this with quarterly checkups with your naturopath. In your check up, a series of tests are run including Live Blood Analysis, Cholesterol, Free Radical Levels, Intestinal Health and much more, to screen for changes in the body before symptoms occur. In this way we can prevent disease so you always have an abundance of health. And if you do get sick? Well then we will treat you for free to get you back on track again. Imagine never having to experience high blood pressure or elevated cholesterol, going through menopause with no symptoms and avoiding the pain of arthritis? Well this is what Wellness Care will do for you. It means a healthy, longer life with greater quality and no unnecessary medications! Wellness Care is suitable for everyone, you do not need to be sick or have any ‘problems’ for this kind of treatment with the ultimate goal to avoid major health problems and address them before they be-come so. Enquire NOW at Vitalchi and take advantage of this outstanding program which offers fantastic value and lifelong benefits which will impact every area of your life. Phone us today on 9894 0014 for more information.

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