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8. Potato Chips

- Monday, January 18, 2010

I could never eat chocolate again and be happy, however when it come to potato chips even I have a craving for them every now and again, however knowing how unhealthy they are helps me choose to pass if they are offered. An example of just how unhealthy they are, imagine letting your child drink from a great big bottle of cooking oil or fat, as that is just what we are doing to ourselves when we eat a packet of chips. The oil that is used to cook potato chips is heated to vey high temperatures making the oil unstable and results in a toxic product. The oil the chips are cooked in is not only used once but reused again and again to cook more batches. Yuck!


A scary point is that some of the toxic chemicals produced from the high cooking temperatures include carcinogens such as Acrylamide, also the fat molecule convert to dangerous fats far worse than the before mentioned trans fats. An interesting fact is that when tested some brands of chips had levels of the cancer causing acrylamide 500 times higher than the safe limit set by the World Health Organisation for acrylamide in our drinking water. Potato chips are one of the most unhealthy foods people can consume regularly, if the above hasn’t been enough to help you confidently pass the chip isle, after they’re cooked, the chips are then covered in flavour enhancers such as (MSG), stabilizers, anti caking agents, preservatives and colourings.

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